Sustainable Development

What we do

In December 2006 the Code for Sustainable Homes was released. The aim of the code is to provide a comprehensive measure of the sustainability of new homes, ensuring that sustainable homes deliver real improvements in key areas such as carbon dioxide emissions and water use. Category 4 of the code focusses on the sustainability of new builds in terms of managing runoff from and flood risk to developments. Thomas Mackay Ltd provides reports addressing available credits under Sur 1 and Sur 2 of this category.

BREEAM 2008 was released in August 2008. This guidance was released with the intention of increasing standards in sustainable design of non-domestic developments. Thomas Mackay Ltd provide reports addressing the mandatory and additional credits available under Policy 5: Flood Risk.

Technical Capability:

  • BREEAM 2008 - reports addressing Policy 5 Flood Risk Mandatory Credits and the additional SUDs credit where possible.
  • Code for Sustainable Homes - reports addressing mandatory credits available under Sur 1 (Management of Surface Water Run-off from developments) and Sur 2 (Flood Risk).
  • Site runoff calculations (peak and volume) for pre- and post-development. Calculations draw on standard techniques including IH124 report and Wallingford Procedure.
  • Soakaway sizing using BRE Digest 365

Why choose us?

Our experience gained from past CSH and BREEAM 2008 projects enables us to prepare reports addressing the specified criteria with a quick turnaround, whilst ensuring that the report contents meets site specific requirements which minimises delays at the consultation stage.

Our technical capability is on a par with much larger organisations; however our size enables us to provide reports at a competitive price and respond quickly. When dealing with Thomas Mackay Ltd you are assured of an experienced member of staff dealing with your project from start to finish.

For further information regarding the above or costing for BREEAM 2008 or CSH report, please contact us at our Leeds office.